• Follow-Up With Your Enquiries Effectively

    How To Effectively Follow-Up Your Customer Enquiries

    How well are you following up with your customer enquiries? Are they followed-up in a timely and professional manner? How you do things in your business sets the tone and pace for your customers. The way you are responding to the enquiries from your existing and potential customers says a…

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  • Are You Treating Working On Your Business As A Luxury or Necessity?

    Are You Treating Working On Your Business As A Luxury or Necessity?

    Many small business owners seem to think that working on your business is a luxury. Working on your business is not a luxury; it is a need. If you choose to go into business for yourself, then you must work on your business. So let’s explore the difference between working…

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  • How To Effectively Conduct Staff Performance Reviews

    How To Effectively Conduct Staff Performance Reviews

    Are you frustrated that your staff members are not performing as well as they should? If so, when was the last time you actually conducted performance reviews of your staff? It is essential as a small business owner that you review your staff performance regularly and effectively to maintain productivity…

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  • Be consistent in letting you customers know about your business

    The Importance of Consistently Letting Your Customers Know About Your Products or Services

    The last thing you would want to hear as a business owner is when one of your customers says that they have bought something that you sell… from somewhere or someone else. You would probably wonder why they did not buy a particular product or service from you, and if…

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  • What do you do when things seem hopeless in your business?

    What do you do when things seem hopeless in your business?

    What do you do when everything in your business looks hopeless? Have you ever felt at one point that you could not find the solution that you needed to get you out of a bad place in your business? If you have not, chances are as a small business owner…

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  • Blame the system, blame the people

    Why You Should Stop Blaming People When Things Go Wrong In Your Business

    Have you encountered the same problems over and over again in your business? There could potentially be something wrong with your systems (or the lack of).   Sometimes, when a problem comes up in a business, the first reaction can be to blame the person. And when we do this,…

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  • How To Get Your Pricing Right

    How To Get Your Pricing Right

    Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you are unsure of whether your pricing is too high or too low? It can be very tricky to get your pricing right because there are a number of variables for you to consider. This includes your competitors, your market or…

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  • Does Your Marketing Speak To Your Ideal Customer?

    Does Your Marketing Speak To Your Ideal Customer?

    Have you ever felt like you are not getting the right type of customers for your business? If so, have you ever considered about what you have been doing as part of your marketing that is attracting them to you? How and where you market has a big impact on…

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  • How To Manage Problems In Your Business

    How To Manage Problems In Your Business

    Have you ever felt frustrated about the never-ending problems in your business? What if your role as a business owner was to become an expert problem-solver? What if it is possible to look at your problems differently so that you can create a more successful business? The reason why you…

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  • How to be precise in your decisions for your business

    How To Be More Precise In Your Decisions For Your Business

    As a business owner, have you ever felt that the decisions you make are a little off and that you wished you could make better decisions with more confidence? Imagine this: You go out to the beach to have a little surf. After catching a couple of waves, your contact…

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  • How The Power Of Words Can Impact Your Business

    The Power Of Words You Use (And How They Can Impact Your Business)

    One of the major things that can impact your results in business is the words you use. This is often overlooked by many business owners and can impact your business in many ways.

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  • The importance of family time

    Why Is Family Time Important For You And Your Business?

    It is important for every family to be doing things together. It is even more important when you are running a small business – whether you are working for your business from home or from an office. Small business owners often work really hard and this often means working after-hours…

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