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Fix your biggest business problems faster with proven, step by step small business support

  • Save Time
  • Make More Money
  • Reduce Stress


Feeling Stuck in Your Business?

Running a small business can be tough. Some days you feel like you’re wearing lots of hats and you’re being pulled in six different directions. It can be overwhelming, and it often feels like there is always so much to do and you are never on top of things…

You end up working harder and longer hours and you try to keep up with paperwork at night and weekends. And worse, you still seem to have less and less time for your family and the things you love to do outside your business.

You may have started losing the passion for your business and even said “if only there were more hours in the day”.

Sounds familiar?

Don’t Waste Time on the Wrong Solutions

In business, you always have options. You can work harder hoping things are going to get better. You can bounce ideas off other business owners and hope like crazy they know what they’re talking about. Or, you might go on Google and find a thousand things to do and face the daunting task of hoping you choose the right one.

But why try and figure things out yourself and waste time that you already don’t have? The other option is to get personalised help from a business adviser or consultant. But the problem with this is to get the specific advice you need will cost you $1000-$5000 per month. Even then it will take you more time and money to implement their recommendations. Perhaps you’ve already been down this path before?

Get Expert Small Business Advice at a Fraction of the Cost

What if you could access proven business methods that have been tested and tried on thousands of small businesses over the past 16 years…and are guaranteed to get things moving in your business?

What if you could get this expert help right now at a fraction of the cost in a way that makes it easier to get things done? You’d at least explore that, wouldn’t you?

At Biznostics, we can provide your small business with the solutions and support you need that would free up your time and get your business moving forward at the pace you wish. We can also provide your small business with handy tips that can help the way you operate.

“Implementing my first strategy took 50 minutes and has given me back 3 hours a week”

Andrew Davies, Davies Electrical

How the Business Fast Lane Works

Right now, you can choose to keep doing what you’re doing, or you can follow a proven path that will speed up your business journey and put you in the Business Fast Lane.

Step 1: Answer Simple Questions About Your Business

You’ll start the Business Fast Lane by answering a series of simple questions about your small business that you already know the answer to. It takes less than 20 minutes and skips areas that are not relevant to your situation. This helps you get a feel for how each area of your business is tracking, and gets you thinking about areas that may need more focus.

Step 2: Pinpoint Problem Areas

Based on the questions you answer, you’ll discover how your business is tracking against the 8 core areas of business success with your personalised business success report. You’ll find out where you are strongest, where you are weakest, and the areas you need to focus on.

Step 3: Identify the Best Strategy to Move Your Business Forward

Your report will recommend the three best strategies you can take for your business right now. You’ll then have a 30-minute session with an experienced business advisor to review your report, choose a strategy to implement, and then take your first step.

Step 4: Work with Your Adviser Until Your Strategy is Done

Being in the Business Fast Lane means your small business can access assistance and support for every step of the way. You’ll have a 10-minute call every other day with your business adviser to keep you on track so you can successfully implement every step of your game plan and get the results you’re after.

Step 5: Choose Your Next Strategy And Build a Successful Business Step by Step

Once you have successfully completed your first strategy, you’ll review your results with your business advisor. You’ll then choose your next strategy to implement in order to keep your business moving forward. You’ll build a great business step by step that helps you make more money, free up more time, and have less stress and frustration.

Take Control Of Your Business
and Have More Family Time

The Business Fast Lane is based on 16 years of experience, amounting to over 34,000 hours of providing small business owners with advice on how to run, build and grow their businesses. Over this time, we’ve learnt that diagnosing before acting is the key to sustainable and accelerated business success. We’ve helped small businesses in just about every industry, and our customers have achieved these results:

“I achieved $3,200 of extra sales in 14 days by running a promotion to my past customers to get them to buy again.”

“I implemented a system to remove unnecessary calls from staff and saved 3-4 hours per week.”

“By creating a series of alliances with people who were dealing with my customers, I now have a steady flow of the right sort of leads for my business.”

“I have saved a bunch on my expenses and have mastered the art of creating extra jobs. So far I have made my business an extra $3,920 in cashflow.”

“I created weekly dates with each family member to spend quality one on one time with them. It made them feel important which gave my business more meaning.”

“I now understand my financial statements and how the margins work in my business.”

“I saved 2 hours per week by eliminating unplanned interruptions.”

Get Started for $297/month

12 Places Available

No contracts / cancel anytime

Here’s what’s included …

Business Diagnostic

Comprehensive questionnaire covering the 8 core areas critical to small business success. This helps you pinpoint the problem areas in your business.

Business Success Report

In this report, you will discover how you have scored in each of the 8 core areas of business success, and we’ll give you the best small business solutions that will help drive you forward.

Strategy Setup Session

In this 30-minute session, you’ll work with an experienced adviser to review your report, choose a strategy to work on, and take you through your first step.

Support Calls

Part of the Business Fast Lane is to have us with you for every step of the game plan. You’ll have a 10-minute call every other day with a business adviser to keep you on track.

Strategy Review Session

Upon completion, you will review your results with your adviser. If you choose, you can continue to your next strategy to keep your business moving forward.

Try The Business Fast Lane Risk Free

We understand that as a small business owner, your time and money is valuable. If at any stage on the Business Fast Lane you don’t feel you are getting the results you are after, let us know and we will give you your money back.

(and as our customers testify, we work really hard to make sure it does work for you)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there only 12 places?

The Business Fast Lane is a new program designed to shape the way businesses get help in the future. Your small business will be getting personalised assistance, which means we only have time to help 15 people in a hands-on manner. Three spots have already been taken, meaning there’s only 12 places left.

How can you deliver personalised business help at $297/month?

Our existing coaching clients pay more than $2,000 per month for our advisory services, which is what you’ll be directly tapping into, but in a new way. We want to streamline this even more with the aim of having a complete, personalised business advisory service online. This is where you’ll be helping us, as we will be learning from you as well. We thought it was only right to reward you for your help with a price that’s too good to refuse 😉.

Who is behind the Business Fast Lane?

The founders, Gavin Bassett and Rueben Taylor are husbands, fathers, family men and small business owners. They have over 16 years of experience each in coaching and mentoring small businesses to grow their sustainably and take more time off to spend with their families. They are the recipients of 9 Global and 18 Asia Pacific Franchise Awards and are in the top 5% of ActionCOACHes globally.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. If at any stage on the Business Fast Lane you don’t feel you are getting the results you’re after, let us know and we will give you your money back.  (and we work really hard to make sure it works for you)

Will the Business Fast Lane work for my business?

The Business Fast Lane is based on over 3,000 diagnostics and 34,000 hours of helping small business owners run, build and grow their businesses. We’ve helped nearly every industry out there and we’re confident it will work for you too.

Am I locked into a contract?

You will not be locked into any contract, which means you can cancel at any time.